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Lime Epsom Bath Salts

19,16 €
Marca The Clovelly Soap Co.

Clovelly Soap Co, Ocean Breeze Bath Salts contain a blend of salts, essential oils and cornflower petals. The salts can be added to your bath or foot spa for a luxurious home-spa treatment. The salts are blended with 3 popular essential oil fragrances, Bergamot, Lemongrass, & Lime Essential Oils, plus Cornflower petals, they enhance and complement each other to bring a cooling ocean breeze to your bath time.

Bath salts are known to help detoxify, opening up the pores to release toxins, they can aid in the treatment of skin conditions, joint pain and can relieve anxiety. Dissolve them into your bath water to enhance the relaxing effects of bathing.

The salt blend mimics the natural beneficial properties of mineral baths and hot springs. The salts can also be used as an exfoliator, applied gently with your soaps to help remove dead skin, leaving you soft and glowing.

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Gorgeous little jar salts and scoop, smells amazing!
This is the second time I've bought from this seller and both times the products have arrived in a timely manner, packaged safely and securely and oh boy do they smell divine!